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He has no hot water, internet connection or cellular service. But shortly before his lights went off, Mr. Wara, a climate and energy expert at Stanford University, got to work calculating the potential impact of the outage on the California economy. Wara said. For now, however, that may be little comfort to hotels that have had to cancel reservations or restaurants where refrigeration has stopped.

But for many companies, Mr. Usually, she said, the company sells a few Honda generators a month. In the last two days, it has sold 13 and has exhausted its rental inventory. Carter said.

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Classes were canceled on Thursday at the University of California, Berkeley, which was running on emergency power. But some staff members scrambled to preserve critical research work from harm as they worried about keeping laboratory animals safe.

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Although faculty members, students and nonessential staff generally were asked to stay home, some researchers were asked to report to work in case any animals needed to be relocated. Officials said major research equipment had been shut down, including research computing and sensitive instrumentation.

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Some refrigeration units containing samples had been moved to the University of California, San Francisco. A satellite launch scheduled for Thursday evening was scheduled to go forward as planned under generator power. Classes were first canceled on Wednesday in anticipation of the power outage, and students were told to charge their cellphones and other electronic devices.

As the weather improved on Thursday, senior campus leaders began considering restoring normal operations on Friday.

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But by the afternoon, no decision had been announced. But some residents and state officials felt the utility had overstepped. The department, in Pleasanton, Calif.

It will be dead of course. Search for batteries. Others did not appear to share their sense of humor. Lauren Hepler contributed reporting from San Jose, Calif.

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Log In. Level Prestige. Link Accounts. Blackout Zombies PC Comics. Enter your date of birth Month: Date: Year:. Please enter a valid date. How To Play. Jump from an aerial transport with nothing but your wingsuit, survey the vast Blackout map and pick the best place to start your fight. Standard Edition. Pre-Order now while supplies last. Add to Cart.

PG&E Public Safety Power Shut-Offs in California

About This Game Blackout, is a single-player game with the goal of sending chills down your spine. Utilizing endless tension, exceptional 3D graphics, and a horrifying soundscape, this game is crafted to scare your pants off! Our hero, Eric, taking cover from the torrential rain, returns home to find his wife missing. As Eric attempts to unravel this mystery, he will have to avoid the clutches of sinister forces dwelling within his home.

The Devil is coming.

To survive, he must steel himself in the face of The Prince of Darkness. The devil has power and makes you get panicked. You will realize that you can survive only when you overcome stress and horrible fright. Synopsis Eric has seen black shadow wandering around his house every day. Never ever let it come into the house! His soul will be take right away. One night, coming home later than usual, Eric discovers his wife is missing. He begins his hunt for her around the house, but he is not alone.

Eric feels something dark and terrifying lurking closeby.

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  • Each step on his quest leads Eric further and further into the depths of darkness. The Devil is at the door. Blackout will have you gnashing your teeth at everything turn.

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    Blackout will show you that the scariest devil is in your heart. Mature Content Description The developers describe the content like this: This game contains content that is inappropriate for all ages. See all. Customer reviews. Overall Reviews:.