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The chair is responsible for monitoring and 7 and submitting the information received from non-electronic means, such as, postal mail, to support cwstat. Submit relevant records and correspondence to the Historian for possible inclusion in the archives.

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Monitors or maintains the electronic archives of the Caucus in an orderly manner for ready access, prompting the appropriate officers for input. The archives include minutes, annual reports, lists of elected and appointed individuals, copies of any committee reports, newsletters, correspondence, and other documents generated by the Caucus which are of a public nature.

At the end of each year the Historian should review the electronic archives to see that appropriate records are deposited from officers and may assist in reviewing officer exit interviews. Copies or supplies background documents by the URL or other means upon request of President or Secretary.

Coordinates all the activities required to publish the Caucus Newsletter, currently three times a year. Submits appropriate records to the electronic archives. Insures Secretary and Historian have second copy of each newsletter for their official records. Prepares, prints, signs and sends a letter in late July or early August to the heads of statistics departments, informing them of the opportunity for advertising in the Caucus Newsletter. Maintains the Caucus presence on the Internet and keeps information and web services updated. Keeps President apprised of important developments and opportunities for communication.

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In close coordination with Newsletter Editor, posts job ads submitted to the Newsletter and other selected highlights from the Newsletter two weeks following the dissemination of the issue in which they appear first. Responsibilities of the Liaisons from statistical professional societies, currently one liaison each from the Statistical Society of Canada, the American Statistical Association, and the Institute of Mathematical Statistics:. Informs the Caucus of any important events and activities of the specific Society which may be relevant and of interest to the Caucus. Is involved with Caucus activities while encouraging other members of the Society to be active in the Caucus.

Three members of the Executive Committee constitute a quorum. The Executive Committee will set the agenda for the Governing Council. Five members of the Governing Council constitute a quorum. The Executive Committee will prepare budgets.

Budgets will be presented to the Governing Council for discussion and approval. Honoraria and dues do not qualify as reimbursable expenses.

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The committee members other than the Past President will be appointed for two-year terms, so that two members are appointed each year by the President. The appointments will begin when the President becomes the Past President. The Nominations Committee will prepare a slate of nominations for all positions expiring the following December. Additional candidates for any elective office may be nominated by petition of two percent of the membership, provided the petition and a letter of acceptance from the candidate are received by the Nominations Committee Chair by January Other Communications Committee Members are appointed by the Chair of the Committee, who may also change the composition of the committee with the approval of the Executive Committee.

Committee members may include, for example, website administrator, jobs editor, social media administrator, newsletter editor, and features editor. Typically this will be a senior member of the committee or a former officer of the Caucus. In addition to continuing, and expanding, customary activities of the Caucus at JSM, the Program Committee should extend the influence of the Caucus into activities of other professional statistical societies.

The responsibilities at JSM which should continue, and be extended to other professional statistical meetings include but are not limited to:. This include choosing a topic, finding a speaker and communicating with ASA staff. Additional cosponsors identified from ASA Sections and other meeting-sponsor professional societies e. The concept and outline of the session is due by Sept 1.

Our traditional time is early Tuesday. Find people to lead roundtables and announce this to the general membership. The committee term is 2 years and renewable. In particular, committee should assure that several women are nominated for the F.

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Scott Awards. The Committee may prepare nomination packages or recruit nominators to do so. The Chair should convene a Committee meeting at JSM, inviting other supportive individuals as desired, to review upcoming opportunities, create a list of deserving women for each opportunity, and identify who might lead a nomination for each. The Committee should meet using convenient technologies regularly to follow up on opportunities and progress.


The Past President of the Caucus serves on this committee. Starting on June 1, , dues reminders for new members who registered at cwstat. The Treasurer shall make disbursements therefrom under direction of the Executive Committee. The Treasurer and the President shall have authority to draw checks and make electronic payments.

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The Treasurer, on behalf of the Caucus, shall accept any monetary gift made to the Caucus, provided no conditions are attached to its acceptance. If any conditions are proposed by the donor, the gift shall be accepted only upon approval of the conditions by majority vote of the Executive Committee. Any amounts paid as dues that exceed the amount of dues specified by the Executive Committee for the relevant membership category shall be deemed to be unconditional gifts to the Caucus. A second signer to the Treasurer will step in when the Treasurer is not available. By-Laws may be changed by majority vote of the Governing Council.

Changes in all By-Laws shall become effective upon notification to the members by mail or by publication in the Newsletter. The current version was approved on July 27, The previous versions were approved on July 31, and May 1, Skip to content Constitution Preamble: The Caucus for Women in Statistics hereafter also referred to as the Caucus promotes women in statistics through advocacy, education, and research. Objective: The objective of the Caucus for Women in Statistics is to promote women in the statistics profession.

To meet this objective the Caucus will 1. Members: Membership in the Caucus shall be open to all persons who support its purposes as stated in the preamble and objectives. The Council consists of 1. Past Past President; 3. The Secretary and Treasurer; 4. Program Committee members; 5. Liaisons to or from the Statistical Society of Canada and other Organizations; 6. Communications Committee Chair; 7.

Membership Chair; and 8. Historian non-voting. Meetings: 1. Communications: The Caucus will promote communication among its members using tools such as websites, social media, newsletters, e-mail, electronic conferences, in addition to in person events.

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Elected Officers and Their Terms of Office: All terms of elected officiers shall start on January 1 of the year following the election. The following officers will be elected: 1. Who can vote in federal elections? All Union citizens above eighteen and whose civic rights have not been suspended are eligible to vote Article 2, section 8 and Article 1, section 2. There will be no discrimination whatsoever for eligibility to vote and the judiciary will enforce this important prerequisite for democracy. The winner is the candidate with the best median grade, meaning the one that at least half the population agrees on, like so:.

In a traditional first-by-the-post voting system, a candidate can win with a fraction of the electorate supporting him, simply because he is indicated as first choice by a few more people.